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Celebrations play such an important role in our lives. 

How we choose to celebrate these occasions is very personal and unique.


I love having the opportunity to get to know you and, in a relaxed, friendly manner help you to create a unique celebration for your special moment, whatever the occasion.



On this beautiful day you express to your life long partner your hopes and dreams for your future together, surrounded and  witnessed by precious family and closest friends. I would love to create with you a ceremony that encompasses all of your wishes. I encourage you to personalise your ceremony by including your own story, personal vows, meaningful poems or readings.


This also provides an opportunity for special friends or family to take a personal place in the ceremony.

I would be right beside you offering  suggestions and ideas to help you create your own inspiring and meaningful wedding ceremony, leading you carefully through the legal requirements along the way. My commitment is to provide a personal and professional service for your wedding.


Included in my Professional Services package are:


  • At least two personal meetings, more if necessary

  • Limitless communication through email / phone

  • Designing, in consultation with you, the Ceremony

  • Provision of sample vows/ readings / ritual ceremonies

  • Preparation and completion of all legal documentation

  • Pre-wedding rehearsal is recommended

  • Conducting your ceremony according to Australian Law

  • Printed Marriage Certificate

  • Personal copy of the Ceremony

  • Additional charge for travel more than 50k away may incur

Renewal of Vows

A renewal of vows is a touching, romantic way to celebrate your special anniversary with a wonderful, loving and relaxed renewals of vows ceremony.


It can be a time to reflect on the years gone by and to acknowledge once again your committment to each other, a time to celebrate with your children and grandchildren.


What a beautiful example to reaffirm your vows and to publicly show your love and devotion to each other in front of those most important to you. I can write a completely new ceremony or we can incorporate the wording from your original wedding service.




When families are celebrating the birth or adoption of a new baby, there is often the need for special occasion to gather together their closest family and friends to reflect on the miracle of birth and to recognise that children are our hope for the future. 


One way that this can be done is by partaking in a naming ceremony, designed to meet the individual needs of the family. Special adults can be chosen as godparents/guardians who will commit to a fulfilling and supportive relationship with the child.


This ceremony is often used when parents do not feel the need for religious ritual. A naming isn't just for your newborn it can be performed at any age. I will supply certificates for you to commemorate your child's naming day. Please feel free to contact me for further information.





Commitment Ceremony

 Couples have a myriad of reasons to have a commitment Ceremony. For many different reasons some people do not want to marry or feel the need to marry but they wish to publicly declare their love for one another in front of family and friends.


A commitment ceremony offers that bonding and celebration of love. A commitment ceremony carries the same special meaning as a wedding so I devote the same time into writing your ceremony, your way.

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